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“I Learn to Earn”

One of the first initiatives to launch under Impart Liberia, ‘I Learn to Earn’ is a roadmap project intended to lift girls out of neglect and vulnerability caused by acts of sexual exploitation and gender based violence perpetrated against women and girls. This girls-only project has developed three main impact areas to respond to the physical and mental improvement of girls with little or no formal education at all, and for females who must have been affected directly or indirectly from abuse.

There are three key programmes, which we see as immediately crucial for growth and development of women and girls often stigmatized from marginalization as observed by Impact Liberia. As a result, females with little or no education can be economically independent. We aim to give women the skills to thrive and build a sustainable community.

Programmes under launch are: Driver’s Training, Practical Leadership, and Tailoring.

This site is still under construction and we’ll be posting more updates soon! Thank you for visiting and come back soon!