Using Water and Fashion to solve social problems

IMG_20150217_125407Impart Liberia has initiated a new project to address social and educational constrains experienced by elementary schools and clinics after the Ebola Outbreak. ‘Profit to Subsidize’ provides subsidies from sales profits to prevent and handle issues that might lead to institutional breakdown caused by the outbreak of EVD.

This new move comes as a result of the Education Reform Policy released by Liberia’s Ministry of Education calling on all schools to close before the end of July and reopen in September and the aftermath left by the outbreak of EVD in Liberia. So to strengthen schools, clinics and parents who can not afford, Impart Liberia intends to use profit made from it’s tailor shop and water cooling box to help schools with renovation works, stationery and 50% scholarship for students whose parents can not afford tuition. And to also make donations to community clinics by supplying additional beds for patients. The first phase will start soon.

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