Rachel Making Impact

Rachel during her training in 2015. Photo: Impart Liberia Social Media Team

Rachel was a student on Cycle 1 of the Tailoring training. The Impart Liberia Monitoring Team took off time to check up on her works and the impact it has created. For what we gathered, Rachel is of real service to her surrounding (near and distant) of over two hundred persons. She takes contracts from family,  churches, and community organizations. At the moment Rachel is trying in the same way Impart Liberia took her off the ground to provide basic training for her neighbors’ kids by presenting  fundamentals in tailoring.  


Impart Liberia is now working on plans to launch a large scale project in order to give a bigger platform for person like Rachel who’s working ways to be more serviceable thereby addressing some social problems. This large scale project will make way for and advance training g in  Fashion Designing.

Impart Liberia looks to donations in any way and form from the wider public. If you can donate at least a dollar US, Impart Liberia can make a greater impact. Please contact us below:

Augustine K. Kou

Founder & Executive Director

Chocolate City, Gardnersville

Monrovia, Liberia

M: +231770833396/+231886833396

E: augustinekou@gmail.com 

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