Impart Liberia Nominates for the International Youth Parliament

IYPFour young leaders and volunteers of Impart Liberia have been nominated to the International Youth Parliament as Ambassadors.

In October, 2018, the International Youth Parliament (IYP), a Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Project, was created in Agadir, Morocco, by Najat Anwar and Kamal Moummad (GPPI Elite International Peace Ambassador and GPPI Regional Director of the Greater Middle East, respectively) with support by Paula Fellingham, Founder/Director of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative.

The purpose and focus of the International Youth Parliament is twofold:

  • First, to teach leadership skills and prepare the youth in every nation to be excellent, benevolent leaders.
  • Second, to share with the world outstanding (approved by vote) youth-created prevention strategies and solutions for local, regional, national, and international problems.
  • International Youth Parliament Ambassadors and Participants will connect at online IYP monthly meetings, facilitated by Senior and Youth leaders. Additionally, they will meet twice each year at live events: one regional event and one international event

Those nominated are Martha Reeves, Emment Kou, Addina Jabbie and Sam C. Bah.

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