What is Impart Liberia?

The carnage of global and national crises has opened windows of challenges. These challenges have affected the entire human race. Every part of the globe is in one way of the other weighed by the impact of gender, social and economic disparities, bad governance, broken health system, ruined environment, violence and other inhumane acts.

Impart Liberia establishes itself on addressing social, economic and gender disparity affecting women and girls in Liberia and peacebuilding initiatives.

Impart Liberia Focus

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Impart Liberia hopes to see women become empowered through the acquisition of skills so that they (women) can be economically independent and serviceable to society.


Impart Liberia is working toward achieving targets of Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8 & 16.

Who can be Impart Liberia Volunteer?

Impart Liberia Volunteers are  17-30 years old who have demonstrated leadership ability and are committed to joining a positive cause. If you think you meet the requirements, we welcome you to apply to become a volunteer. If your profile is approved it will be displayed on the Impart Liberia website.

How is Impart Liberia funded?

Impart Liberia depends a good percent on donations form groups and individuals who have interest in our works. Assisting Impart Liberia as International Development Volunteer is One Young World Ambassador Jia-Yan Gu.

Impart Liberia was established in 2008 by  Augustine K. Kou and is an implementing organization of Angie Brooks International Centre.



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