What is Impart Liberia?

Impart Liberia was founded in 2008 by  Augustine K. Kou. We are a Liberia-based not-for-profit  that conduct projects and programs in response to existing ills in various communities in Liberia. We aspire to reach beyond borders.

We conduct projects where vulnerable females benefit from skills training programs in order for them to rise above financial limitations and myths that have kept them far from reaching their full potentials.  Besides, we  stage leadership workshops, symposiums, forums and conferences tapping on the abilities of youths.

At the workshops, seminars, symposiums, forums and conferences Summit, participants debate on standing issues that affect them and formulate ways out.

At past programs participants were joined by a line-up of  Speakers that included Program Producer Facia Harris, Student and Youth Activate Phil T. Dixon, Young Female Leaders Satta Saydee, Jani Jallah & Kula Fofana.

Impart Liberia supports the call for gender equality and the protection of women. The projects launched by Impart Liberia will give vulnerable women and girls vocational skills, practical leadership and economic empowerment. The projects will be piloted with women between the ages of 15-30 in Iron Factory, Gardnersville, Monrovia, Liberia – a community with a high proportion of women who have suffered sexual exploitation and abuse.

Sexual Gender-Based Violence is one major cause of women’s marginalization and lack of power in society. In Liberia 92% of 1,600 women interviewed for a 2005-2006 government survey had experienced some form of sexual violence, including rape (UNIFEM). The same source also reports Grand Bassa County domestic violence in the form of wife battering at 45% prevalence rate, verbal insults 33%, torture or trail by ordeal 5%. According to a community research conducted in the Iron Factory Community, females have created men as answers to their most needs. This is done by the standards by which they have reduced themselves. During our survey in this community, we noticed that girls have multiple sex partners because they want to should their many challenges. Sexual Gender-Based Violence is simply an act which reduces a woman or girl to give into sex of relation for job or anything really desirable or it is the physical mad-handling of women in the society.

Core Objective

The “I Learn to Earn” Project will enable girls and women to be economically independent and serviceable to society through skills, and instill positive change in a newer perception by men.


Support us to create change.


Who can be Impart Liberia Volunteer?

Impart Liberia Volunteers are  17-30 years old who have demonstrated leadership ability and are committed to joining a positive cause. If you think you meet the requirements, we welcome you to apply to become a volunteer. If your profile is approved it will be displayed on the Impart Liberia website.

How is Impart Liberia funded?

Impart Liberia depends a good percent on donations form groups and individuals who have interest in our works. Assisting Impart Liberia as International Development Volunteer is One Young World Ambassador Jia-Yan Gu.



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