ypb-wa-2016-slider1This is a call to youth aged 18-25 from West Africa wanting to build inclusive societies through understanding and respect among cultural and religious communities

  • Are you between 18 and 25 years old? *
  • Are you a citizen of a West African country and do you currently live in this region? **
  • Are you interested in taking part in an intercultural learning experience with other young people from West Africa and develop joint actions to promote peace?
  • Are you part of a youth-led organization, network or initiative?
  • Do you want to increase your ability to contribute to peace and social inclusion in your community, country and region?
  • Are you in the beginning stages of your involvement in this type of work and want to learn more?

If yes, apply now for a chance to be selected for a fully funded participation to the UNAOC Young Peacebuilders in West Africa programme.

Deadline to apply: 6 September 2016

* Applicants selected for this programme must be aged 18-25 at the time of applying and for its total duration (October-December 2016). To be considered eligible, applicants must be born on or between January 1, 1991 and August 15, 1998.
** Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo


1. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

UNAOC was established in 2005, at the political initiative of Mr. Kofi Annan and co-sponsored by the Governments of Spain and Turkey. UNAOC works towards a more socially inclusive world, by building mutual respect among peoples of different cultural and religious identities, and highlighting the will of the world’s majority to reject extremism and embrace diversity. UNAOC project activities are fashioned around Youth, Education, Media and Migration. UNAOC recognizes the critical role that programming and policy-making in these areas can play in reducing polarization and identity-based tensions and in helping to build bridges between communities. The Alliance benefits from the political support of the Group of Friends, a community of 144 countries, international and regional organizations, which actively promotes the Alliance’s objectives.

Learn more about UNAOC and our programming for young people here.

2. Young Peacebuilders in West Africa: Programme overview

Guided by the principle that youth are key actors to achieve peace, UNAOC develops educational programming to enhance the ability of young people and their organizations to foster mutual respect, understanding and long-term positive relationships between peoples of different cultures and religions.

The Young Peacebuilders programme will engage young women and young men from West Africa in an intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding experience.


Using Water and Fashion to solve social problems

IMG_20150217_125407Impart Liberia has initiated a new project to address social and educational constrains experienced by elementary schools and clinics after the Ebola Outbreak. ‘Profit to Subsidize’ provides subsidies from sales profits to prevent and handle issues that might lead to institutional breakdown caused by the outbreak of EVD.

This new move comes as a result of the Education Reform Policy released by Liberia’s Ministry of Education calling on all schools to close before the end of July and reopen in September and the aftermath left by the outbreak of EVD in Liberia. So to strengthen schools, clinics and parents who can not afford, Impart Liberia intends to use profit made from it’s tailor shop and water cooling box to help schools with renovation works, stationery and 50% scholarship for students whose parents can not afford tuition. And to also make donations to community clinics by supplying additional beds for patients. The first phase will start soon.

“I Learn to Earn” Group of Tailor Shops Commenced

“I Learn to Earn” Tailoring Project for marginalized women was launched in order to lift sexually assaulted women out of  subjection. This project included in its plan the building and or opening of tailor shops in selected communities with higher proportion of survivors of sexual violence. At last concluding the first phase of the program “I Learn to Earn” Group of Tailor Shops has commenced operation in the community it was first inaugurated.  Three females with sexual violence-like background have been employed.

‘I Learn to Earn’ Project Kicks off

The ‘I Learn to Earn’ Project for vulnerable girls and women kicked off on September 27, 2014 to provide for 24 females free tailoring training as a way of fighting gender disparity and unemployment facing women in Liberia.

This project is expected to train these girls who are survivors of many forms of sexual



violence into many skills-training but begins with its first Impact Area: Tailoring.

At the moment “I Learn to Earn has opened up its first Tailor Shop to employ women only and also serve as job environment for girls receiving training. This is an unprecedented style of skills training in Liberia where girls who acquire training would enter right into the job market.

We welcome your support!

Welcome to Impart Liberia!

“I Learn to Earn”

One of the first initiatives to launch under Impart Liberia, ‘I Learn to Earn’ is a roadmap project intended to lift girls out of neglect and vulnerability caused by acts of sexual exploitation and gender based violence perpetrated against women and girls. This girls-only project has developed three main impact areas to respond to the physical and mental improvement of girls with little or no formal education at all, and for females who must have been affected directly or indirectly from abuse.

There are three key programmes, which we see as immediately crucial for growth and development of women and girls often stigmatized from marginalization as observed by Impact Liberia. As a result, females with little or no education can be economically independent. We aim to give women the skills to thrive and build a sustainable community.

Programmes under launch are: Driver’s Training, Practical Leadership, and Tailoring.

This site is still under construction and we’ll be posting more updates soon! Thank you for visiting and come back soon!